Amputee devotee dating sites

As the Over Ground site explains, many amputees feel less attractive upon losing a limb or limbs, and yet they are initially disgusted that there are individuals who find this impairment attractive.The site states that it intends to communicate with amputees and devotees and to bring them together. Riddell in his book , devotee sites often implore amputees to become more accepting of devotees’ attraction and to make the most of the opportunity to find people who are specifically attracted to their bodies.The article, “Apotemnophilia: Two Cases of Self-Demand Amputation as a Paraphilia,” appeared in the and detailed the case histories of two men who sought treatment at the psychohormonal research unit at Johns Hopkins.Both men expressed a sexual attraction to amputees and wished to become amputees themselves.In the mid-1970s an organization called “Ampix,” which dealt in amputee stories and photos, mailed questionnaires to its members asking them about their attraction to amputees.The study received just fewer than 200 replies from its almost exclusively male sample.

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Pretenders, or “hobbyists” as they are also known, are able-bodied people who enjoy dressing up as amputees, often going out in public in wheelchairs, on crutches or with braces.Type the word "amputee" into any Internet search engine and you will find a mass of Web sites.Unsurprisingly, most of these sites detail support groups, sports teams and merchandise for the amputee community.Devotees have been known to stalk amputees, photograph them without their permission, or proposition them directly for sex.Of a group of 50 devotees surveyed by Lee Nattress, Ph D, adjunct professor in the department of social work at Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California, over 85 percent agreed with the statement, “If I see a female amputee at a shopping mall I will follow her,” and over 57 percent agreed that, “If I see a female amputee in a store I will try to talk to her.” Such behavior can be counterproductive if devotees are actually seeking meaningful personal relations with amputees, and their actions can certainly be threatening to amputees.