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VERDICT Hawke was a positive prime minister, more interested in building consensus than finding faults with others.Hawke presided over an era where Australia not only had great economic development, but also had great cultural enrichment.VERDICT Turnbull had a stated position in favour of an Australian republic, a carbon trading scheme and gay marriage.

Nor will Fraser ever be celebrated by the economic rationalists for, despite controlling both houses of parliament, he left the important economic reforms for the subsequent Labor Government of Bob Hawke.

When he was Bob Hawke’s treasurer, Keating did some good things in reforming the economy.

As a leader, Keating was a travesty and the polarised society he created is yet to be reconciled.

While such traits are valued in football crowds, they are not suitable for a prime minister.

As a consequence, Keating divided Australia, alienated Asia, and eventually alienated a majority of Australian voters.