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" The practical utility to buyers and sellers of an authoritative annual work of reference like this requires no demonstration. " It may be said without exaggeration that the annual volumes of Mr. " No well-conducted library should be without this useful and praiseworthy adminicle of order. " Supplies to a considerable extent the vacuum caused by the want of an up-to-date ' Lowndes.'" — The Bookseller. This is due to the fact that a large number of rare books of an unusual kind came into the auction rooms, especially during the months of June and July, and books of this class cannot be dismissed in a few lines. 13, ,, Sotheby 1 1 76 1,398 18 187 Miscellaneous Dec 17, )» Sotheby 1229 3,314 6 6 201 Miscellaneous Jan. History (Gorion), 5477 Jugurtha, The War with(Sallust), 6363 Justinus. Historical Essay (Thomson), 665 Malta, Ancient and Modem (Boisgelin), Wary Queen of Scots. D.) Cyclopoedia of Music, 1998 Chants et Chansons Populaires de la France, 1384 Child (F. Musical Miscellany, 2345 Natural History (General). Ste also Voyages and Travels : Anderson (J no.) Zoology of Egypt, 1879 Audubon (J. Morris), 3809 Songe du Vergier, Le, 1292 Songs and Sonnets (Earl of Surrey), 5668 Songs before Sunrise (Swinburne), 6385 Songs of Innocence (Blake), 2352 Sonhets and Fugitive Pieces (Tennyson), c 335° Sonnets and Lyrical Poems (Rossetti), 4729 . Sidney), 3372 Sordello (Browning), 1183 Speculum Amantis (Bu Uen), 963, 5382 Spider and the Flie, The(Heywood), 813 Spiritual Poems (Gray), 3359 Splendid Shilling, The (Philips), 2025 Stanze Amorose (Tansillo), 2274 Steps to the Temple (Crashaw), 5413 Stevenson Medley, A, 3061 Strafford (Browning), 1368 Stratologia (Cooper), 1989 Syntax, Tour of Dr., through London and Paris, 1625, 2582 Syntax, Tour of Dr. An Answer to a Great Number of blasphemous Cavillations, written by an Anabaptist (title defective), calf. Slater's admirable compilation are indispensable to such as desire to follow with any closeness the record of sales and the movements of the second- hand book market." — Times. " The record is extremely useful for buyers and collectors of books, and is a valuable index to current phases of book-collecting, and to fluctuations in the market." — Saturday Review. " A work of independent and undoubted value, and should be in the hands of every bibliographer." — The Clique. Jaggard's compilation, which is much more than a mere mechanical amalgamation of the ten annual indexes." — The A thenieum. On the contrary, they monopolise more space than they would do had they been at all likely to re-appear at an early date. Historise, 150 Knight (F.) Slaverie under the Turices, 509 Knights of Malta, Historj' of the (Vertot), 151 Knights of St. See General Index- Literary History (Taine), 2739 Louis XIV. Histoire touchant la conjuration, 2157 Matthew of Paris. J.) English and Scottish Ballads, 29 Croft (W.) Musica Sacra, 6509 Doni (J. J.) Viviparous Quadrupeds, 1891 Bell's British Quadrupeds, 2033 Bewick (T.), Works by. ■;■: N; lina, 2923 Catesby(M.) Natural History of Caro- Davis(J. E.) Zoology of New York, 20I2 Donovan (E.) British Quadrupeds, 2023 Donovan (E.) Complete Collection of his Works, 2023 Edwards (G.) Gleanings of Natural History-, 2705 Fayrer (J.) Thanatophidia of India, 5841 Grandidier(A.) Histoire Physique, 5006 Hars-ie-Brown. See General In- dex (Combe) Takings, or the Life of a Collegian (Dagley), 4061 Temple de Gnide, Le, 2986 Temple, The (Herbert), 5030 Terze Rime (Dante), 6579 Ticonderoga (Stevenson), 3041 Timbuctoo (Tennyson), 2404 XXXVlll Poetry {continued) : To the Majestic of King James (Dray- ton), 1 21 4 Tom Raw, the Griffin, 2586 Tory Pills to Purge Whig Melancholy, 668 Tour of Dr. 117 Kipling (R.) Letters of Marque, first edition, cloth, Allahabad, 1891, 8vo. "To praise 'Book-Prices Current' is unnecessary; it has become in- dispensable to book collectors, and of Wtal interest to all who care for literature." — Globe. Two Discourses, 5485 Henri IV., Reign of (Freer), 108 Henry VII. Historie of the Conquest (Gomara), 200 Inns of Court. Rerum Hibernicarum Scrip- tores (O 'Conor), 5980 Ireland. Teares of Ireland (Cranford), 5900 Irish Rebellion (Temple), 660 Italy. Campagnesde Duquay-Trouin, 2897 ^ America, Operations in (The Ashburton Tracts), 257-277 Austrian Army. Despatches, 538 Martial -Achievements of Great Britain, ? Anecdotes, 6754 Military and Naval Episodes, 4364 Military Memoirs (. Oppugnation de la Cite, 4803 Rowlandson (T.) Volunteers, 2879 Scottish Clans and Culloden, Cuttings relating to, 4558 Ships and Naval Flags, Engravings of, .4574. Mili- tari, 6702 Vegetius(Fl.) De Re Militari, etc., 1870 War in Cyprus, History of the, 480 Waterloo, Campaign of (Bowyer), 21 Waterloo, The Battle of, 4669 Wellington (Duke of). B.) Monuments de la France, 3836 Langles (L.) Monuments Anciens et Modernes de I'Hindoustan, 4296 Lapidarium Septentrionalium, 21^1 Layard (A. Lambert), 4953 Sandys (G.) Paraphrase of the Divine Poems, 1283 Satyre against Separatists (Cowley), 5410 Satyres (Ariosto), 5343 Scottish Souldier, The (Lauder), 6466 Sculpture. Ecole de Cavalerie, contenant la Connoissance I'instruction et la conservation du Cheval, copperplates, Parts, 1733, folio (221) Scott, £2 2s. " Brunet, indeed, so long the book-buyer's chief delight, must yield to ' Book-Prices Current.' " — Notes and Queries. In demy 8vo., bound in buckram, uniform with Bo OK- Prices Current. THE INDEX TO THE FIRST TEN VOLUMES OF Book-Prices Current (1887 to 1896): Constituting a Reference List of Subjects and, inci- dentally, a Key to Anonymous and Pseudonymous Literature. 25, 1900 Puttick 617 444 3 6 Ashburnham Manuscripts known as the Ba rrois Collection 647 Ashburton Nov. History of the Reign (Bacon), 5349 Herbert (A.) Nimrod, 2078 Herodotus. His- tory (Browne), 961 Historical Geography of Europe, 3830 Historical Manuscripts Commission, 1333 Holland House (Leichtenstein), 1667 Hungary. Historical Account, 6249 Ireland, Annals of (O'Donovan), 3981 Ireland. Histoire des Republiques Itali- ennes, 639 Italy, Historie of (Thomas), 3070 Italy, History of (Guicciardini), 5871 Jamaica, History of (Sloane), 4975 James I. Military and Naval Officers, 3894 Battles of the British Army, 4394 Baudart (G.) Les Guerres de Nassau, 2757 Baudoin (S. Historical Records, 3889-90 British Military Journal, 3939-40 Burgoyne (Lt.-Gen.) Expedition from Canada, 1^189 Callot (Jac.) Military Exercises (Plates), 1378 Clinton (. America), 4362 Military Memoirs (Great Britain and Ireland), 4363 Moltzheim (A. Le Nouvelle Armie Frangaise, 4372 Monro (R.) Expedition, 1045 Mouillard (L.) L'Armie Fran^aise, 4383 Mudford (W.) Battle of Waterloo, 4386 Napier (W. P.) Peninsular War, 558 Napoleon, Battles of, 4394 Napoleon. Victories, Des- patches, etc., 2684 Monuments : Anyille (J. H.) Monuments of Nineveh, 1260 Lenormant (Ch.) Elite des Monuments, 6725 Mason (W. Figures of Birds, 1050, 319^ (Note) Macgillivray (W.) British Birds, 1051 Meyer (A. A Poem (Bulwer), 3125 Seasons, The (Thomson), 1341 Secchia Rapita, La (Tasso), 1525 Select Remains of the Ancient Popular Poetry of Scotland (Laing), 1031 Selected Parts of Horace (Fanshawe), 4852 Seneca's Answer to Lucilius (Sherburne), 4970 . They are aided in this respect by the new century which, in imagination, has suddenly aged them by a hundred years. Ysagogicus, 159 Darrell (Jno.) Strange Vexation by the Devil, 2004 Darrell. ) Portraits des Hommes de Dannemark, 2082 Houbraken (A.) Heads of Illustrious Sj'etc, 1249 Iraperatorum Domus Austriacae Effigies (Meyssens), 4346 Imperatorum, Regum, atque Archi- ducum. Vrais Pourtrajts, 5993 Van-Dyck (A.) Cabinet des plus beaux Portraits, 6703 Woodburn (S.) Gallery, 4683 Pottery : Audsley (G. Ideal copies of 1 these two volumes would sell for nearly ^loo. 21, 1901 Sotheby 1029 1.504 15 6 269 Miscellaneous Jan. Louis XVL and Napoleon (Jackson), 3802 French Revolution. Historical Pictures, 4859 French Revolution, Histoire de la, 244 French Revolution. Recueil des Historiens (Bouquet), 6151 George L, Rebellion against (Rae), 6013 George H. and E.) School Themes in French; 2921 Disraeli (B.) Count Alarcis, 3132 Early English Text Society, 2030 Evangelia Quatuor. B.) Palaeographie Univer- selle, 2251 Thackeray (VV. De Proportionibus Numerorum, 1964 Colandri (F.) Pictagoras Arithmetice, 1837 Euclid, Geometna, 871 Ghaligai (F.) De Arithmetica, 6591 Institutionum Geometricarum Libri, 794 Tap (Jno.) Arithnietick, 3723 Medical : j Egidius. De Regimine Principum, 733 Boord (A.) Brevarie of Health, 5369 Browne (J.) Glandules and Strumaes, 6154 Bulleyn(W.) Bulwarke of Defence, 481 1 Celsus. de Cuba), 821 Hughes (VV.) The American Physitian, 279 Jerome of Brunswick. American Or- nithology, 1542, 233s Yarrel I(W.) British Birds. J^^ General Index Pageants : Anne (Princesse Royale). (The Asnburton Collection), 587-591 Poets, Foulis's edition of the, 1274 Poet's Pilgrimage, The (Collier), 4828 Polyolbion (Drayton), 1736 Posthumous Poems (Shelley), 6496 Princess, The (Tennyson), 1529 Psyche (Mrs. " It is beyond comparison the book-collector's cyclopaedia. The knowledge and skill displayed in this compilation merit cordial recognition." — Standard. " If money, as Anthony Trollope neatly put it, be the reward of labour, too much is certainly not asked for the labour which has ' marshalled into order a manuscript involving 33,000 distinct titles and considerably over 500,000 numerals.' The typographical arrangement of the volume will receive praise from those who can understand the difficulties of the printers' task." — The Guardian. 14, 1900 Sotheby 865 6,256 17 6 20 Bain July i Christie 665 ",033 17 605 Fraser April 22, M Sotheby 1852 20,334 18 6 398 Gentleman's Library, A Nov. 17, 1 901 Puttick 657 546 6 265 Gentleman's Library, A May 16, » Put lick 602 483 19 344 Miscellaneous Oct. Pannonise Historia Chrono- logica, 5990 Impartial Collection of Great Affairs of State (Nelson), 5572 Incas, The. Contemporary History of Affairs (Gilbert), 5863 Ireland. False and Scandalous Remon- strance of the Rebells (1644), 433 Ireland. Historic Memoirs (Barrington), 300 Ireland, History of (Keating), 5915 Ireland. Court and Character (We U don), 700 XXVIll History (continueri) : James I. R.) Exercise de I'lnfan- terie, 3902 Binning (T.) Art of Gunnery, 3920 Bouille (L. Sir H.) Memorandums, 3659 Cooke (E.) Prospective Glasse of Warre, 5406 Cooper (A.) Stratologia, 1989 Cyprus, The War in, 480' Drapeaux Frangois, 4081-2 Eckert (H. Siege of the Castle, 989 Errard (I.) La Fortification Demon- stree, 2042 Fieff6 (E.) Histoire des Troupes Etrangeres, 4106 Gheyn (J. Exercise of Armes, 201 1 Military (continued): Goya y Lucientes. Various Campaigns (in French), 1267 Naval Achievements of Great Britain, 4337 Naval Engagements. List of Ships (MS.), 3688 Ockland (Chr.) Anglorum Praelia, 864 Pointer (Sieur de). S.) The Grace Mausoleum, 461 Monuments of India, 2092, 4248 _ Speculum Romans Magnificentiz, 6699 Stephens (Geo.) Runic Monuments, 1814 Stothard (C. Funeral Monuments, 910 Music and Musicians : Aaron (P.) Thoscanello de la Musica, 6532 Allingham(W.) The Music Master, 1876 Arne (T.) Judgment of Paris (Music), 6507 . Madngaux, 2132 Lorente (A.) El Porque de la Musica, 6517 Musical Illustrations, Autographs, etc A Collection (Fraser's), 4391 Osu-ald (Jas.) Collection of Scots Tunes, 4423 Pills to Purge Melancholy (D'Urfey), 2509 Playford (John). Sens, Les (Du Rosoi), 5836 Shepheard's Calendar (Kelmscott), 4717 Shepheard's Calendar (Spenser), 5657 Shipwreck, The (Falconer), 6207 . Its own earlier volumes, curiously enough, command very high prices." — Daily Chronicle. " To all classes of bookmen, the issues of ' Book-Prices Current ' may be fairly pronounced indispensable." — Literary World. " The ' Index ' will be of great value to all who possess or have access to the annual volumes, and it is issued uniform with them." — Tke IVestminster Gazette. Though the present volume of Book-Prices Current does not contain so many entries as the preceding one, it is, never- theless, rather more bulky. 19, 1900 Puttick 682 717 12 6 75 Gentleman's Library, A Dec. 29, 1900 Sotheby 1085 1,089 13 6 II Mi.scellaneous Dec. Commentaries Reales (Garcilasco), 2620 India (South). Truth Brought to Light, 5907 Japan, History of (Kaempfer), 6255 ews' Commonwealth. Los Desastres de la Guerra, 4163 Grose (F.) Military Antiquities, 467 Heath (J.) Brief Chronicle, 474 Historic Military and Naval Anecdotes, 4219-20 Historical Records of the British Army, 3938 Ireland, Wars of (Story), 650 James (W.) Naval History of Great Britain, 495-500 Jomini (Lt.-(jen.) Guerres de la Revo- lution — Guerres de Frederic XL, 502 Jouvencel. A.) Monumental Effigies, 3610 Turner (D.) Sepulchral Reminiscences, 2587 Villa- Amil (G. , Bennet (J.) Madrigals, 6508 Bickham (Geo.) Musical Entertainer, 39'7 Burney (C.) History of Music, 24 Butler(Chas.) Principles of Musik, 19^6 Champlin (J. Banquet of Musick, 6520 Music and Musicians (continued) : Playford (John). Skill of Musick, 6518 Praetorius (M.) Musa; Sionix, 6521 Purcell (H.) Orpheus Britanaicus, 2858 Queens of Song (Qlayton), 2402 Kavenscroft (T.) Briefe Discourse of Musicke, 4945 Thomson (Geo.) Original Scotch Airs, 4636 V'eracini (A.) Sonate, 2305 Vicentino (N.) L'Aniica Musica, 6523 Yorkshire . C.) Eggs of British Birds, 1049 Ibis, The (Journal), 3199 (Note) Jerdon (T. Shorter Poems (Bridges), 2356 Sibba Jd (J.) Scottish Poetry, 5640 Siecle d'Or, Le (La Tours d'Albenas), .1457 Sigurd, the Volsung (W. Browning), 3371 Sonnets (Shakespeare), 3386 Sonnets (Sir P.

Constitutiones Ordinis, 6176 Golden Fleece, History of the (Fil- lastre), 6210 Guillim (Jno.) Display, 203-4 Leigh (G.) Accedence of Armorie, 5926 Milles (Thos.) Catalogue of Honour, 4366 Milles (Thos.) Nobilitas Pohtica, 4365 Morgan (S.) Sphere of Gentry, 4380 Neues adeliches Wappenwerk, 4211 Scottish . See Egyptology History: Advis Fidelle aux V6ritables Hol- landois, 253 Africa. Liber de Quadruplici Vita, 3305 Charles (Prince) and the Spanish Mar- riage (Gardiner), 109 Charles I. History of (Macaulay), 3600 England, History of (Mahon), 536 England, History of (Palgrave), 3843 England, History of (Ranke), 2392 England, History of (Rapin), 606 England. Generall Historic (Smith), 2575, 3628 Virginia, Present Estate of (Hamor), 3625 Winstanley (W.) Historical Rarities, 5691 XXIX History {continued) : Woman in France (Kavanagh), 3782 Women, History of (Alexander), 3867 World, History of the (Raleigh), 1276 World, L'Histoire du (Belleforest), 3621 Wraxall (Sir N. Civile Warres (Daniel), 5808 Horolog-y : Horological Dialogues, 1019 Horse-Racing, Horses : Adams (J.) Analysis of Horsemanship, 3397 Aiken (H.) Beauties and Defects, 2475 Aiken (H ) Qualified Horses, 6417 Aiken (H.) Seven Ages of the Horse, 3268 Blundevill(T.) Foure Chiefest Offices, 3429 Bunhury(H.) Academy, 3946 Bunbury (H.) Annals of Horsemanship, 3480 Chifney (Sam.) Genius Genuine, 2361 Clydesdale Stud Book, 3219 Eleve du Cheval et Instructions Hip- piques, 389 Epsom, Historj' of, 3476 General . of Portugal, 91 Bridgens (R.) Planners and Costumes of Switzerland, 3218 Carve (T.) Anacephalaeosis Hibernica, 5770 Fors et Costumas de Beam, Les, 1897 Le Prince (J. Autograph Letter to Lady Hamilton, 3896 Nelson (Lord). La Voye de Laict, 5050 Louis XV., Le Sacre de, 5935 Louis XVI., Le Sacre de, 4319 Louis XVI. Fasti, 4396 Nichols (Jno.) Progresses and Proces- sions, 225 Ogilby (Jno.) Entertainment of Charles II., 4418 Orange ( Fredk. Morris), 4726 Night Thoughts (Young), 3395 Nimphidia (Drayton), 3362 Ode on the Death of Wellington (Tenny- son), 1533 ... to Shakespeare (Garrick), 5215 Odes (Gray), 4175 Odes on Several Descriptive Subjects (Collins), 3986 Old English Squire, The ("John Care- less"), 226 Olney Hymns (Cowper), 5411 XXXVll Poetry {continued) : One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Eight (Pope), 2025 Orion (Home), 1431 Orlando Furioso (Ariosto), 1885 Orlando Innamorato (Boiardo), 1939 Outre Mer (Longfellow), 3737 Ovid's Ghost, 1270 Panegj Tick, A, on His Majesty's Corona- tion (Charles II.), (Dryden), 4848 Paradise Lost (Milton), 126 Paradise Regained (Milton). (100) Jefferies, £1 6s, 126 Milton (J.) Paradise Lost, a Poem in Ten Books, first edition (seventh title page), title page mounted and several leaves repaired, russia, Printed by S. Users are advised to consult the compatibility section of your VCD player first.If you have doubts about your unit, we recommend you buy DVDs only instead of VCDs.That they should make their appearance in such numbers would be surprising but for the belief that, in all probability, they have been kept back from the previous season or seasons. Justification of the War against the (Stubbe), 2267 Newfoundland. Theatro Americano (Villa- Senor y Sanchez), 687 New York Province, History of (Smith), 643 New Zealand, History of (Hocken), 18 Normandy, History of (Palgrave), 3843 Ottoman Empire. Transac- tions, 130 Oxford, University of (Ackermann), 1326 Paris. Histoire Civile (Dulaure), 411 Parry (W.) Declaration of his Treasons, 868 Peninsular War. Historia (Juan de la Con- ception), 2101 Plantagenets Tragicall Story (Weaver), 6405 Portuguese Asia, The. H.) Historical Works by, 6009 History {continued) : Rajast'han. John (C.) Natural History and Sport in Moray, 2569 Swainson. True and Faithful Re lation, 5819 De Foe (D.) Various Works by, 2010 Gaufredy (Lewis), Life and Death of, 1629 Glanvil (J.) Sadducismus Triumphatus 455 Indagine (J.) Book of Palmestrj', 2786 Jamblichus. Wonders of the In visible World, 3641-2 Mather (I.) New England Witches 3^44 . E.) Birds of Europe, 3199 (Note) Edwards (G.) Natural History of Birds, 2706 Elliot (D. Field"), 3375 Zodiake of Life (Palingenius), 5582 Political Economy: Eden (Sir F. True Lawe of Free Monar- chies, 408 Machiavelli (N.) Discourse upon the Meanes of wel governing, 4901 Quarles (F.) Observations concerning Princes and States, 1600 Smith (John). The season 1 899- 1 900 was very bad, as may be judged from the figures — 38,151 lots realising but £^7,c)2(). This shows that the value of books of an important kind is still rapidly advancing, and that money is of comparatively no importance so far as they are concerned. 1 IX CONTENTS, Comprising a TABLE OF THE SALES BY AUCTION REPORTED IN THIS VOLUME. Discourse and Dis- covery (Whitbourne), 703-4 New South Wales, Works relating to, 10-15 New Spain. Historj' (Napier), 558, 1476 Pentland Rising, The (Stevenson), 1508 Persia, Histor- of (Malcolm), 1264 Peru. .'\nnals and Antiquities (Tod), 6391 Rebellion and Civil Wars, History of the (Clarendon), 356 Rebellion, The Great (Ward), 6089 Records of the Past, 5307 Reformation, History of the (Burnet), 23 Reformation, Tracts relating to the, 2225 Renaissance, Studies in the History of (Pater), 2555 Retreat of the Ten Thousand (Xeno- phon), 2342 Revolution of 1688, Papers relating to the, 2229 Revolutions des Empires (Renaudot), 2227 Richard III., Histor' of (Buck), 4810 Rolewinck (W.) Fasciculus Temporum, 1224 Roman Empire. Gesta Romanorum, 5468 Romans, History of the(Merivale), 5949 Rome. Zoological Illustrations, 361 1 Thompson (W.) Natural History of Ireland, 3760 Topsel (E.) Four-Footed Beasts, 2677 White (G.) Natural History of Selbome, Woif (J.) Life and Habits of Wild Animals, 2338 Zoological Society of London. Mirabilis Liber (Prophecies), 2207 No-stradamus (M.) Prophecies, 4416 Scot (R.) Discoverie of Witchcraft, 630 Sibley (E.) Astrology, 5346 Vespuccius(B.) De laudibus Astrologise, Wier (Jean). England's Improvement Revived, 2257 Smith (Sir T.) Re Republica Anglorum, 5644 Standish (A.