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Theselibrary features are the biggest selling point of this app, and make itwell worth the money.

Comic Book Lover Comic Book Loveris a free i OS app which works a lot like Comic Zeal.

Still, the app itself is pretty great as you can track your favourite series and get a notification every time a new issue comes out; the app also remembers which issue in a particular series you were reading, so if you've been switching between books and return to a title after some time, you don't need to search for the right volume to open.

The free version is pretty good, and it's definitely worth the Rs.

Extra reading: For Black Berry and Windows Phone As a Black Berry user on his primary device, this reporter has decided that visiting Marvel.comon the browser is a better experience than most native apps.

Both, after all, are meant to transport you to a world beyond your own experiences.

Examining these two crafts by fusing them into one, Ink Brick is a journal that publishes what its editors call comic poetry.

There's a reason Comixology has emerged as one of the most famous comic book apps around - it's fast, has a huge collection, and is incredibly easy to use.

But if you don't like the changes that recently took place or you don't like its overall model, there are plenty of good alternatives.