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Hatch’s defense attorney Richard Elliott said in his opening statements that the case resulted from a false claim by one young girl who bragged that Hatch was the father of her child.The girl made the boast to show that she had someone inside the sheriff’s office, the defense attorney said.51 - Andover, Hampshire If you can cuddle me when I cry at a David Attenborough documentary...Coming from an art and design background I should be good at making something stand out from the others but this...Hatch has pleaded not guilty to all the charges and is free on bail.

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One victim was 6 years old when the assaults began, the prosecutor said.

When that girl got older, he would provide her alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana in exchange for sex.

He said the victims may not be perfect but that this is why he picked these victims.

The earliest of Hatch’s alleged assaults occurred in September 1999.