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Call it a sixth sense or an unspoken undercurrent, but sometimes you just know when the train is beginning to run off the tracks.

"There aren't usually flashing red warning lights to tell us when something needs attention," says LA-based couples therapist Ellen Bradley-Windell.

Instead of always asking for more, try giving more unconditionally," Windell says.

"Make it a point to thank each other on a daily basis for something that was meaningful to you.

close, causing one or both parties to feel suffocated and nit-picky.

Space is especially important for men, who are wired to connect—and then step out for a moment to reclaim their independence. "They need to go into the dark cave, and come back—but women often think, 'Oh no, he doesn't love me.'" Not the case.

"Take time to remind each other about fond memories you have shared together.

There is no requirement that a question be answered before another one can be sent.Goldstein says that one of the most common hiccups in relationships is forgetting to take care of the physical connection.Let's face it: It's one of the first things to go when you're really busy."[We need to] embrace the idea of creating an effective maintenance plan for relationships."Windell says that the most important question in a relationship is often the simplest: How are we doing? "If you use this temperature gauge for your relationship, the reward is that you may be picking up the beginning of a problem early, and solve it before it deepens into a bigger issue." (Bringing up those big topics of conversation helps out in the bedroom, too."Every so often, take the 'emotional temperature' of your relationship. Have an Amazing Orgasm: Talk it Out.)Marriage and relationship therapist Carin Goldstein says many couples bring complaints to the table instead of instructions.

Dating communication questions