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Swearingen and Trotter were seen in the college's library together on Dec. Afterward, a biology teacher spotted Trotter leaving the school with a man.Hair and fiber evidence later showed that she'd been in Swearingen's car and home the day she vanished.But no amount of DNA evidence would be enough to exonerate the convicted killer, prosecutors say. "It appears there is no necessity for an evidentiary hearing related to any issue raised in either the motion or the response," Langley wrote.

"A too trusting 19-year-old in the wrong place at the wrong time," Sandy Trotter said, recalling her daughter's death.No matter what your shipping needs, Walmart's got you covered.“Looking for a regular sex partner with a hot, passionate woman. ” he wrote after we matched on an online dating app."But I fully expect the attorneys for Swearingen to request another stay and they've been very tenacious in the past."Even before the judge's decision, Swearingen's attorney James Rytting said he planned to file a motion opposing the execution date because DNA from a rape kit and the murder weapon had not yet been tested."How can you not test a rape kit? Just weeks before Langley issued his decision, Texas executed another convicted killer, Taichin Preyor.The San Antonio man was sentenced to death for killing a woman who sold him drugs.