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Here's something safe to pounce on – you know what it is and what to do with it!

You can make a blindfold out of anything – a scarf, a vest, your sleep mask – and it's a simple way to turn mundane foreplay into erotic play.

If that's far too brazen, slip off to the loo, pop off your pants and put them in your handbag and show your partner what's in there when you come back.

Up to you whether you take it further and indulge in some erotic activity underneath the tablecloth.

And they haven't had to compromise monogamy or pool their friend's car-keys for a spot of old-fashioned swinging to introduce these elements into a loving relationship.

All they've done is upped the 'kink' factor - and if you want great long-term sex, that's what you need to do.

They need more of a kick to get started and respond well to being pushed out of their comfort zone.

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Of all the 'kinky' games couples play, tie-up and bondage is the most popular, so put this top of the list of things to try.

Insert one high into the vagina then pass the remote to your partner.

They are then in control of when the egg vibrates, hitting the switch just as you're reaching for loo roll.

Book a restaurant that has booths or long tablecloths, wear a floaty skirt or dress, tell your partner you're about to do something that will impress them, maintain eye contact and remove your knickers while sitting at the table.

It's easier than you think to do it without attracting attention (even easier in a maxi dress) especially if you use your partner's body as a shield.