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This statement is a lead-pipe lock, so you must act like James Bond, even if you're not. If you split the tab with them, they will call you cheap - guaranteed.The way you do this is by following these principles: - Be a consummate, confident gentleman. - Dress as good as or better than her, suitable for the date, of course. - Appear interested in her, but only mildly interested. Pretend you're Larry King and asked open-ended questions. Think of it as the cost of doing business, just keep the first couple dates nice, but not too expensive.Of course, a number of other things will help your efforts, such as a looking as good as you possibly can, being clean and well-groomed, being well dressed, being a gentleman, etc.of having success and getting that second date is acting like you have a number of things going on in your life, that you are not desperate, that you are a happening guy and that this girl would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend.Never call and say "would you like to do something sometime". She will appreciate the fact that you were prepared.- When on a date that is going well and is coming to a close, assure her you've had a good time, that you would like to see her again, then end the date early while things are going well.In the panel discussion Algorithms and Match Making: Dating in the Age of Digital held during Internet Week New York, disagreement arose between panelists Sam Yagan (co-founder of Ok Cupid) and Brian Schecter (co-founder of How About over the usefulness of algorithms in online dating. Jean Carroll (co-founder of explained Tawkify's position: "We take them [users] off the internet like that.They're not even allowed to sit around on the internet because that is time-wasting. Time well-spent is when you're with somebody or talking." Users cannot see profiles or pictures of other users, which are reserved for matchmakers.

Personally, I've had the best results from e Harmony, but this is in no way an endorsement of that service - it just suited me the best.

I'm 38, so I prefer jackets with a nice, open-collar shirt. Act like she's one of several and you're still making up your mind. Girls will talk forever about themselves and it actually makes the date quite easy on you. - Give her a business card; it makes you look like someone with some stature in life. - Always maintain control of the date - the place, the time, and what will happen next. - Have a backup plan if something goes wrong, like the restaurant you selected is packed.

- When suggesting a date, always have something specific in mind. Scout the location out beforehand and know where to find parking.

They're just like guys and have the same hopes, fears and hang-ups that guys do. Some dates were a one-time thing and some girls I took out a number of times.

Some girls were very attracted to me, and even asked me in after walking them home.