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Although there are many, very attractive smart people in the world, it seems like many of them tend to put less emphasis on studying and learning. If that continues through most of your life, you end up being very confident in yourself and your abilities even if that confidence is unfounded and you don’t have the substance to back it up.

As someone who’s not classically attractive (and who’s also burdened with anxiety), I don’t tend to have the same ability to be that confident. Everyone wants that hot chick or that sexy guy to be theirs.

I’d rather have great sex and a winning personality than a pretty face. Hot people get hired more often than the rest of us and tend to have better salaries. I had a colleague once who was so hot, she drew a lot of attention.

Throughout my dating career, I’ve dated people who were super conventionally attracive and some who didn’t really fit society’s standard of beauty.

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Society thinks super sexy = stupid, and lots of them play along. I’m interested in space, physics, and how the world is put together.

I want to be able to discuss intelligent topics with my friends and partners. When you’re rewarded at every stage of your life for being attractive, you tend to feel pretty good about yourself.