Acceptance implies that you have ceased looking to restore what you've lost and therefore are moving on to new experiences.

Even though you might still have the pain associated with the herpes diagnosis, you are accepting the reality and getting on with your daily life.

These stages of emotional trauma have grown to be the platform for learning how to live with genital herpes and coping with a diagnosis.

You could possibly move through a number of stages simultaneously although the last stage is acceptance.

Really the only grown up approach to dealing with anger is by using that energy to achieve life-improving ambitions.

It is important to keep in mind that in this particular stage, you have to make use of that anger and focus it into a beneficial energy.

Even so, acceptance is not about letting go of your suffering.

It really means you've recognized that genital herpes is a part of your life.

The most significant advantage of understanding these phases is recognizing that this is really a process and that at some point you will have peacefulness, serenity and acceptance.

At some point the depression, despair, the emotions of being helpless and having no hope will go away entirely or diminish.