Non Validating DOMParser; import org.w3*; import *; public class Java Agent extends Agent Base // end Java Agent --------------------------------------------- Thanks !

The issue comes in when I am actually going through the document to populate my objects. I can easily enough force the items to "instanceof element", but I figured there has to be someway to let java handle this.

I basically want all opening and closing tags, and any text elements that may fall between the open and close.I have a scheduled agent that sends an URL and processes the xml response.Sometimes I get an exception on parser.parse(xmlfile).I have tried playing with the ignorablewhitespace() method..that doesn't seem to do what I need.Thanks for any help you can provide XML to XMLI have a gnucash file that I'm trying to transform into an identical XML file without the invoices. The gnucash file is in XML and the element I'm looking into is: which is a child of slot which is a child of slots which is a child of transactions. Start with the identity transformation, then add a template which matches the ones you want to treat specially and yields no output.