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In one chapter he mentions having seen Jesus — then later describes long hair on a man as disgraceful," the reported noted.

"Would Paul have written 'If a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him' if Jesus Christ had had long hair?

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In some countries, for example China, it is now illegal for a dating service to act as a broker or agent in order for a local to marry a foreigner.Semite skulls of this type had previously been found by Israeli archeology experts, who shared them with Neave," said the report.Using three well preserved specimens from the Time of Jesus and special computer programs, they were able to recreate a 3D version of Jesus.In Australia alone, it is estimated that 18% of the entire online dating crowd is of Asian origin.In 2010, hitwise reported that the top 5 international dating sites lost 8% of their market share to niche websites that cater specifically to certain races.