Reallifecam on mobile

We wanted the Lock Passwordless widget to automatically adapt to mobile web browsers on various i OS and Android versions.

Auth0 Passwordless can be used on all platforms: native apps, web apps, mobile web, command line interfaces or anything that can send an HTTP request over the net.

I put in place all my requirements and I will be doing my own hosting, but to set that up you need the application to put on your dedicated server which you have to sign up and you have access to the link to download it.

We support multifactor at Auth0 and it has been a very popular feature, but you still have a password to remember and the second factor introduces more complexity and friction to the average user.

Password managers are useful (I personally use one) but still they feel like a band-aid on the problem, not addressing the real issue.

A third trend we've started to see is to remove the password input from the login box altogether.

Companies like Medium, Slack, Twitter, and Whats App are already doing it, and even Google’s new login screens hints at a future beyond passwords.