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Orders of magnitude of distances from Earth to a few stars and galaxies in the Universe or duration of propagation of light corresponding.

- Sound travels in matter media (solid, liquid and gas) and it does not spread into space. Sounds too intense have implications for the hearing.

Modeling a system of two thin lenses: - Graphical construction of the intermediate image and the image of an object plane perpendicular to the optical axis. - Newtonian : spherical mirror, plane mirror target. Attractive action exerted by remote / - The Sun on each planet; - A planet on an object close to it; - An object to another object because of their mass.

Remote action exerted by the Earth on an object in its neighborhood: weight of a body.

Observation and location of images given by a convergent lens.

Geometric modeling of a thin lens convergent optical center, fireplaces, focal distance, vergence.

Examples of magnetic field lines, uniform magnetic field.

Superposition of two magnetic fields (vector addition) Conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Observation of the effect associated with the reciprocal motion of a circuit in a magnetic field: conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy.