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In a feudal society, power is treated as private possession; there is no effective state. In feudal Europe, military might was the primary basis of power.

The dominant leaders based their top status on their ability to command this military elite.

Most important - the conquest of the Saxons and the Lombards bringing much of Germany and Italy into the circles of Holy Roman Empire and medieval civilization.

: "A monastic military order formed at the end of the First Crusade to protect pilgrims traveling on route from Europe to the recently captured city of Jerusalem. Within two centuries they had become powerful enough to defy all but the Papal throne. He conquered much of western Europe and united it under a great empire.

Within a couple of decades the group became an order with the backing of both the Pope and the collective European monarchies. Feared as warriors, respected for their piety and sought out for their wealth, there is no doubt that the Knights Templar were the key players of the monastic fighting orders. " "Coronation of Charlemagne as emperor goes beyond the conflict between Church and state. Carolingian empire began when rivals were engaged elsewhere.

The Common definition."Feudalism was the dominant form of political organization in medieval Europe.

It was a hierarchical system of social relationships wherein a noble lord granted land known as a fief to a free man, who in turn swore fealty to the lord as his vassal and agreed to provide military and other services.

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