Scott speedman is dating

Man, how depressing since the character, Tom, is also a commerce grad with his first job.

I think it'd be really funny if they showed this movie to all commerce students.

Term used in roleplaying game circles for a player—often literally the DM's girlfriend (or boyfriend), sometimes a younger family member—who is getting special treatment from the gamemaster due to an out-of-game personal relationship, specifically because the GM either wants to curry favor with them or is afraid of incurring their ire.

This is often at the expense of other players, who showed up at the table to participate equally, but have somehow ended up playing sidekicks to the Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend.

This trope is much older than (and not limited to) gaming situations, though.

Before there were RPGs, it was a situation that would arise in theater, film, and TV—the director would give his girlfriend a large or important role, or a producer would insist that his current girlfriend be given a part as a condition for his backing.

In most cases, she is not competent enough to handle a major role; in some, she's not competent at all.

The film was heavily panned by film critics and retains a 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, although it was a box office success.

Date Movie is a 2006 American romantic comedy film directed by Aaron Seltzer.

Much of the story line is based on that of the romantic comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Meet the Fockers.

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