Sweet pool dating sim

The answers aren't alwasy too obvious the first time playing through. (Personally, I'd call Razel's "bad ending" a good ending XD) Sadly, there's only 2 H scenes (with two CGs each) per good ending, an they're not until like the last 3/4th of the game.

Despite it being a basic visual novel style, it's anything but. Honestly, the BL in this game seem to be more of an after thought, it's not really the main focus at all, but that's not really a bad thing either. There are plenty of save slots, and the back log (THANK GOD) does not go away when you exit the game, so if you haven't played for a while, you can go back as far as you like (which is so useful in a game as long as Lamento).

On his journey he meets Asato, an awkward cat from the isolated village of Kira, Rai, a skilled and arrogant bounty hunter, and Bardo, the lazy innkeeper at Shisa's largest city, Ransen.

Throw in some devils, an ominous bad guy in a mask with a shota-clown-lizard minion, and power that comes from 'singing' and you got......a really in depth game.

Hallo, Dev here~ I'll be doing most of the BL game reviews, while Yami will be doing the Otome game reviews.

In honor of Lamento's 5th Anniversary (and certainly because it's my fave BL game ever), I figured I'd make it my first review.

Also, the support site says it probably won't work on Windows 7, but amazingly I finally got it to work, so it WILL play on Windows 7 (also with a few glitches). They do music for all of Nitro Chiral's games, so I'm never disappointed.

He's got more of a personality, in my opinion, than Akira (Togainu no Chi) or Youji (Sweet Pool).

He definitely shows a lot more different emotions than them.

I guess my one complaint might be the whole premise to the story, but I can't say what it is since that's the biggest OMG moment, but it does seem sort of..seriously, THAT'S what started all this!?

Anyway, any BL game that can make me cry, rage and LOL is all right in my book~ The art is done (as usual) by the very talented Tatana Kana~ Her art is perfect for the feel of the story, and the CGs are lovely.