The ten commandments of dating online

As you scroll through the junk mail and the billionth ad for a GAP clearance sale, your cell phone suddenly rings-it's your boyfriend of two months. well, I just don't know if I have time for a girlfriend.Anticipating plans for a fun night out, you eagerly answer in your sweetest voice, "Hello? Maybe we should think about just being friends." "Whatever ... Have a nice time with your friends." You hang up on him, hoping you left him thinking that you couldn't care less what he does with his life or who he spends it with. You spend most of the weekend on the couch, watching reruns of That '70s Show on TV.Here's a reality check: if you don't have a life of your own (or get one real soon), you won't be happy, and you certainly won't be someone people will want to spend time with. Because you will have no sense of self-worth, and you will end up sucking the life out of your friends.Inevitably, you will put extraordinary expectations on people to fulfill you, complete you, entertain you, and soothe you.Years ago the girl of my (Ben's) dreams dumped me twice within a six-week period.

If you keep these ten commandments of dating, your relationships will run more smoothly, you'll protect yourself from broken hearts, and you'll be on your way to building loving, lasting relationships!

Ashley, an all-star soccer player, was assertive and unstoppable on the field, but when it came to guys she was as limp as a wet noodle.

Her boyfriend had broken up with her, and she seemed unable to make decisions for herself without him.

She must be attached to someone in order to feel good about herself.

We've seen countless people hang on to sick relationships, even emotionally and physically abusive relationships, for this reason.

The ten commandments of dating online