Validating data filemaker

Using a similar approach as above, where we created the ‘User’ privilege set, ‘Data Entry’ is a duplicate of the ‘Data Entry Only’ default set, that has been modified to only allow Create and Edit in all tables.

I have set the Data Entry account to use this modified Data Entry privilege set. Note that you can still enter data into the fields at the bottom of the main Customers layout that are designed for Deletion|Changes tagging.

If I meant in the morning (which is kind of ridiculous), then I would type 420a.

Oh yeah, I should only have to type an ‘a’ for ‘AM or ‘p’ for ‘PM’.

I needs to be smart enough to figure out what I mean.

To accomplish this goal, I’m turning to a simple script which will need to be executed, and our input data ‘normalized’, the data is attempted to be validated by the database.

The program requires that you enter hours, a colon, and minutes as a minimum.

If I simply enter 3, or 11, the field should accept it as or .3) Naturally know AM or PM unless I say otherwise.If we don’t modify our input beforehand, File Maker will invalidate our input, and give us the nasty message we’re trying to avoid.So we will turn to a script trigger, the On Object Validate trigger attached to our field should do the trick.File Maker Pro prevents you from modifying any of its core example privilege sets, although you can render them inactive by not assigning any users to them. To test this in the Demo file: log in first as a Manager or Admin. Once the record is locked, try editing any of the fields.You should see an error message asking you to revert to the previous value in the field.