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And, In just 22 days, on October 28th, I will be doing something I believe only one other author has ever done before--releasing two novels on the exact same day. I didn’t even change out of my swimsuit or put on any shoes, I just slung a towel around my neck and drove to the hotel. “But like always, I’d soon grown tired with the scene and wanted to go home. I may be wasted and making terrible decision after terrible decision, but somewhere in the recesses of my brain, there must have been one sober brain cell that doesn’t think: ‘Hey, drunk driving is ,’ but instead thinks: ‘There’s no fucking way the valet will ever give me back my car in my current condition.’ It doesn’t matter who I am, doesn’t matter how much I tip him, there’s simply too much liability (and future bad press) for a hotel of this stature. “Like the three skanks and I sneak into the valet parking lot and, after awhile, somehow find my car. Luckily, the valets were inside so no one was hurt. “The police eventually found me in my master bedroom in the midst of transitioning from a threesome to a foursome. Talked about the traffic and weather and street parking problems in Los Angeles and gotten so drunk that…who knows. I suppose that makes sense considering my own little three-year experiment called "Trying to Sell Books You Have to Actually Read" has determined: no one really reads any more.

Just like it sounded in my head when I wrote the book.

He did, the recording was excellent, and we proceeded from there.

I started this process in mid-November, and honestly wanted the audiobook to be ready for Christmas sales. I suppose you can crack an e-whip every so often, but Kevin's a busy guy (shooting zombie movies) and I wanted a quality audiobook produced more than I needed one quickly produced.

Going on and on about the time he chugged so much red wine he fell asleep in the audience during his daughter’s ballet recital. Wanting to make him an invested partner--and not wanting to spend any of my own money--I chose the latter.

This would also mean I gave all sales rights exclusively to Amazon, ACX, Audible, and i Tunes for the next 7 years.